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Jigsaw Bury Case Study

Jigsaw is a member-led organisation that aims to promote fun, freedom and independence for disabled people in the Bury Metropolitan area.

Jigsaw used its Skelton Charity Grant towards the ‘Kurling Development Project’. New Age Kurling is a sport that requires participants to deliver stones from one end of a court to a target at the other end. It can be played by both able-bodied and disabled people of all ages alike. Some players use a ramp or assistive devices. The project focused on growing regular participation in a sporting activity by disabled people aged 13+, through:

  • Delivery of Kurling taster sessions for local schools, colleges, and community groups to attract new participants
  • Providing training sessions targeting newly engaged players
  • Creating informal match play opportunities
  • Training a workforce to deliver the training sessions, sustaining activity beyond this project.

The project had a significant impact on its beneficiaries. One of member shared the following:

‘I am a current member of Jigsaw Bury. I take part in various sports including Football, Boccia, Athletics and Kurling. I thoroughly enjoy the atmosphere of the events and team spirit. It is great the sessions are so accessible!

‘Being involved with the Kurling Development Project has allowed me to make new friends, increase my self-esteem, confidence levels and improved my leadership and communication skills. It has also helped me maintain an active lifestyle.

‘I loved taking part in the Kurling Development Project. The funding has allowed me and other young disabled adults to access fun activities. I want others to experience the great benefits of Kurling.’

Wirral Hospice St John’s Case Study

Wirral Hospice St John’s is an adult hospice that provides free care for patients with life-limiting illnesses, as well as support for their loved ones.

The hospice used its Skelton Charity Grant to install nine new Smart LED televisions in the inpatient unit. The TVs were mounted onto a pole, which was then attached to the ceiling so that there is a TV at the end of every bed.

Patients are now able to enjoy Freeview. They can also access BBC iPlayer and catch up on shows they’ve missed. These Smart TVs are a big improvement on the old televisions, which didn’t have these functions.

Patients have been pleased with the new TVs, commenting that they make the ward feel more homely, because there is a greater selection of shows available, allowing them to watch the things they would watch at home.

Woodvale and Ainsdale Community Association Case Study

Woodvale and Ainsdale Community Association (WACA) works with people of all ages, providing a variety of activities that promote healthy lifestyles and combat social isolation.

The Association used its Skelton Charity Grant to purchase five new lightweight, folding tables and 40 new stackable chairs for the community room in the centre.

WACA is a lifeline for members of the deprived and isolated community and these chairs and tables have hugely benefitted numerous activity programmes.

The tables are lightweight and easy for groups to use on their own, they are easily stacked and stored on a trolley and the grant allowed enough to be purchased for all occasions. The chairs look fantastic in the space, are lightweight, stackable and wipe clean – which has been great after afternoon lunches and craft classes where young people use paint or glue – making them convenient and hygienic

At the time of submitting this case study, approximately 193 people had directly benefited from the new tables and chairs, with around 80% of those people using them on a weekly basis. This figure does not include polling stations, walk in visitors or people using the equipment for meeting.

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